Hexapod technology
6 Degrees of freedom: A hexapod is a parallel kinematic structure composed of a mobile platform linked to a fixed platform with 6 actuators.
This design allows to move an object placed on the mobile platform with 6 DOF (Degrees of freedom). In other words, the hexapod can move an object along the 3 translations(Tx,Ty,Tz) and the 3 rotations(Rx,Ry,Rz); any combination is possible. We can offer different size of Hexapod from 70mm to 1300mm. The highest load is unto 17t. Our design can be used in Ultra High Vacuum application as well as extremely environment.


With its slim size, the IDS can be directly integrated into machines for free-beam operation and is the product of choice for challenging OEM & synchrotron applications. A passively cooled housing prevents contam- ination of optical and electrical components. For even more confined applications, sensor heads can be remotely operated and interconnect- ed via glass fibers. Due to an integrated webserver, the sensor can be aligned, initialized and (re-) configured remotely at any time.
A broad spectrum of digital and analog real-time interfaces and proto- cols enables the simple transmission of position data to the receiver such as CNC controllers or RTOS computers. The further support of the most common industrial networks such as CANopen, Profinet, Profinet RT, and EtherCAT enable the integration into broader industrial and synchrotron networks.。

The main body is make of granite, so that lower the thermal expansion, and temperature drift.
Pitch/yaw less than 20urad.
Mainly focus on the field of super precision manufacturing and measurement.

Low Temperature micro switch

extremely small size;true UHV compatibility;CRYO temperature;radiation resistant;non magnetic;high position repeatability;insulating ceramic tip;lubricant free clean design;prewired upon request;volume discounts

Pizeo stage

• Super Resolution Microscopy
• Single Molecule Spectroscopy
• Optical Microscopy / Laser Trapping • Lithography
• Nanometer-scale Manipulation
• Metrology

Motion Hexapod

Remarkable payload capacities
The robust mechanical structure of Motion Hexapod combined with a powerful electrical motorisation allows the hexapod to move payloads up to 6 tons on important linear and angular travel ranges.
Outstanding dynamic performances
The configuration and the performances of the actuators enable Motion Hexapod to realize outstanding dynamic motions.
Speed: 1.6 m/s ; acceleration: 7 m/s2.

High precision rotary stage

High-precision air bearings
 Precision ball bearings
 Specially developed ironless direct drives to minimize disturbance forces and realize an optimal performance
 Motion systems with inhouse developed servo driver or to be combined with your own drivers
 High precision with maximum work load
 Profound mechatronic knowledge
 Controller integration and optimization
 Complete service: from idea to series product!  Calibration and measurement reports
 ISO9001 certified design- and production process

Premium Line Positioners in extreme environments

The great success of attocube‘s positioners is based on the unique combination of a patented driving technology, the powerful design, the selection of high quality materials, and the long experience of the attocube staff.
Premium Line positioners allow for reliable motion over centimeter ranges with the highest precision under extreme environmental conditions such as cryogenic temperatures, high magnetic fields, and ultra high vacuum.

Industrial Line Positioners

With the Industrial Line series of positioners, attocube has genuinely combined highest precision piezodrive technology with extremely rugged yet cost effective design. All Industrial Line positioners are dedicated for operation at ambient temperature and at pressures ranging from atmospheric to UHV.

Large diameter FSM

with inner sensor, FSM can work at servo loop state which ensure its high repeatability. Its frequency is up to 1kHz. while travel range is 3degree, bandwidth can be 200Hz.