Hexapod technology
6 Degrees of freedom: A hexapod is a parallel kinematic structure composed of a mobile platform linked to a fixed platform with 6 actuators.
This design allows to move an object placed on the mobile platform with 6 DOF (Degrees of freedom). In other words, the hexapod can move an object along the 3 translations(Tx,Ty,Tz) and the 3 rotations(Rx,Ry,Rz); any combination is possible. We can offer different size of Hexapod from 70mm to 1300mm. The highest load is unto 17t. Our design can be used in Ultra High Vacuum application as well as extremely environment.

Multi-axis design. compact. focus on research and integrated industry. repeatability is up to 20nm, and accuracy ±1um.
Piezo motor, stepper motor, torque motor, linear motor and voice coil motor are available.
low cost.
Vacuum, cryo, and non-magnetic versions available.
Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

The main body is make of granite, so that lower the thermal expansion, and temperature drift.
Pitch/yaw less than 20urad.
Mainly focus on the field of super precision manufacturing and measurement.

Large angle high dynamic FSM

FSM have two kinds of design. one is piezo driven, the other is voice coil driven.
resolution is up to 0.05μrad.
frequency is more than 1KHz.
Piezo FSM with capacitive sensor, working in close loop mode, can achieve high repeatability.
Voice coil FSM with current eddy sensor, can move at 3~4deg travel range, and 800~900 frequency.

Piezo stage

Low profile XYZ piezo stage mainly used in field of microscopy. The highest frequency is up to 12500Hz.
Special sample holder on request.

High dynamic motion Hexapod

Motion hexapod can realize high dynamic, complex motion. The highest load is 2t. Acceleration is 0.7g. It has good performance in wave simulator, centra inertial test and bench test of engine.

Large travel range elevation stage

linear nano-positioning stage, Muti-axis nano-positioning stage, rotary stage, tip/tilt stage, and so on.
Piezo motor. Up tp 50mm travel range. 1nm resolution. height is less than 20mm.

linear stage

micro-high accuracy positioning stage

Low profile, compact. Traditional stepper motor design, with analog linear encoder, and digital linear encoder.
Large dynamic force. high accuracy. Long lifetime. Muti-axis solution is on request.


micro-high accuracy rotation stage

Piezo motor driven or stepper motor driven is available. High accuracy.Clear aperture design. compact. Vacuum, cryo, and non-magnetic versions available.
Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc.